New Album Changes

Albumcover Roughhouse Changes, Reggae Artist, Photo: Eliane Hobbing
Changes The Journey of Roughhouse Album Description
Roughhouse Album Changes, Reggae Artist, Photo: Eliane Hobbing
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Album Roughhouse Changes, Songtext
Reggae Artist Roughhouse Biography, Photo: Eliane Hobbing Roughhouse smiling with Guitar
Roughhouse Album Changes Songlist

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The Journey of Roughhouse 

In the rhythmic heart of Jamaica, where reggae beats serve as the soundtrack of life, Roughhouse emerged. Born in a small town, his journey began as the Man From Alkebulan, reflecting his deep connection to his African roots and paying homage to the motherland that resonated in every pulse of his music. 

In the verdant mountains of Jamaica, where every morning was a brushstroke of nature‘s beauty, Roughhouse spent his formative years. Even though life presented its unique set of challenges amidst this paradise, he of- ten found solace by murmuring, Am Lucky. It isn‘t a reflection on his surroundings, but a testament to his indomitable spirit - ever resilient, always hopeful, and forever rising above despair. 

With every hardship faced, he‘d tell himself to Keep Climbing. And so, he ventured out, let- ting the world see that These Are My Days. Days filled with music, passion, and a relent- less pursuit of his dreams. 

Changes came naturally to Roughhouse. As he grew, so did his music. It matured, taking on a richer texture, speaking of love as fluently as it spoke of struggles. 

Good Loving was his ode to the relationships that nurtured him. It painted love not as an ab- stract emotion but as a tangible, ever present force in his life.

In the bustling city of Germany, amidst the rhythmandenergyofinternationalmusic,fate brought Roughhouse and Benjahmin Ceesay from Gambia together. Their immediate bond translated effortlessly into music, resulting in the hit single Baby Why. This soulful track explores the intricacies and trials of love, posing questions that often remain unanswered in the corridors of the heart.

Amid the shimmering lights of stardom, Roughhouse remained grounded, often drawn to the captivating gaze of a woman. In her eyes, he glimpsed a future filled with love and promise. She became the essence of his Heart and Soul, the anchor amidst the swirling tides of fame.

Even amidst the frenzy of his musical jour- ney, Roughhouse was profoundly inspired by one constant muse. It was she who stirred the deepest chords of emotion within him, guiding his creativity and passion. This soulful Afro Beat track She‘s My Everything is not just a song title; it is his heart‘s declaration, a testament to the love he felt and the inspiration she provided. 

His collaboration with Benjahmin Ceesay continued, bringing another Dancehall Afro Beat style track, Never Say Never. A powerful track, it served as a reminder that life is unpredictable and that one must keep push- ing forward, regardless of the odds. 

Roughhouse‘s music not only captures his personal experiences but also speaks about the importance of community and relationships. Support Your Friends is a call to action, urging everyone to uplift and uphold their friends in their times of need. 

One day, as he went out for a walk with his babies in Dortmund, Germany, Roughhouse witnessed a special phenomenon – Snow in April. Taking this as a sign, he penned a song that spoke about the unexpected twists of life, how changes are inevitable, and how one must learn to adapt and find beauty in them. 

But through it all, amidst the highs and lows of his journey, Roughhouse always reserved a profound place in his heart for his Fans. They are the backbone of his motivation, the pulse of his inspiration. They are his extended family, his unwavering supporters, the very wind beneath his wings. The track My Fans isn‘t just an homage; it is a heartfelt tribute. Made even more special by the collaborative voices of Benjahmin Ceesay from Gambia and Anthony Locks from Jamaica, now residing in Germany. Anthony is one of Roughhouse‘s dearest friends, their bond transcending beyond music, echoing the genuine connections Roughhouse cultivated throughout his life. 

The album Changes by Roughhouse is not just a collection of songs. It is a journey, a narra- tive of a man’s voyage through life, and his grateful nod to all those who walked alongside him. 

While the word is going through heavy Changes the album gives hope, love and resilience in these uncertain times. ♥ 

Reggae Artist Roughhouse, Photography Eliane Hobbing
Reggae Artist Roughhouse smiling with Guitar, Photography Eliane Hobbing

Written & Produced by:
Keith Roughhouse Powell

Executive Producer:
Dr. Donovan A Forbes - CEO
Reggae Park 420 Escape

Mixing Engineer:
Keith Roughhouse Powell

 Mastering Engineer:
Fabio Piazzalunga -
Future Plan Sounds

Photography & Cover Design:
Eliane Hobbing

Lead Vocals:
Keith Roughhouse Powell

Featured Artists:
Benjahmin Ceesay, Anthony Locks, Dj Horse 

Backing Vocals:

 Kerrian Lewis, Valerie Simmonds

Keith Roughhouse Powell

Keith Roughhouse Powell, Mayorchux

Stefan Baader, Micha Seeland, Johannes Bödecker, Keith Powell

Fabian Dadda Smith, Axel Steinbis, Keith Roughhouse Powell
Eliane Hobbing